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Who make dream into reality?

The right choice is DSW Industry
Human Make a difference. 
Most important of all, DSW have excellent Engineer & Technicians.
The size & range of DSW ensures you don’t need to spend valuable time looking around for next step since we carry much of what you’ll need.From making plastic mold,injecting plastic part to assembling ferfectly product.

Ingrained into our culture, our technology, and our process is a singular focus on quality. We deliver quality that matches our customer's expectations using subject-matter expert translators and an embeded quality process to make sure we see challenges before you do. DSW is certified ISO 9001 and ensures a known and high baseline from a quality perspective on products manufactured.

Commitment to Your Success
Our team has a vested interest in your success-whenever we talk internally our conversation is focused on one thing: How does this benefit our customer? Your success is ultimately our success and we'll never forget that.
We have the technology, the team, and the process-proven for the most demanding and time-sensitive needs of our clients. 


 Ningbo DSW Industry Co.,Ltd

Address: Rm1301-1302 No.5 Oriental Commercial Center,Xingning road, Ningbo City,315041, China
Tel:+86 (574) 27861829 27861849 27861869 
Fax: +86(574) 87264906

 Contact Us

Mr. David Jon
Marketing Director (10M)
 +86 (574) 27861869 
  +86(574) 87264906
Ms. Elsie Woo
Sales Manager (20M)
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Mr. Read Cao
Sales Manager
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Ms. Nancy Wu
Sales Manager (20M) max. 3G
 +86 (574) 27861829 
  +86(574) 87264906
In addition to our highly trained international sales force, a core of dedicated field trainers and our "distant learning" capabilities ensure our customers have the information they need to get the job done right. 
Mr. Cui              +86(574)27863512 
Documents Handing    +86(574)-87264906

 Ningbo DSW Industry Co.,Ltd

Address:No.199 Xizhihe Road,Beilun district,Ningbo city,China
Tel : +86(574)87284513
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