● Business philosophy: "For any business to succeed, it has to be focused on the customer and on delivering share-owner value by aligning all its investments, resources, and operations around a clearly defined strategy that gives customers the products and services they need and want--in the way they want. Simple to say but not easy to do."
● Management Style: "I like to 'drill down' to understand all of the facts and issues. I believe in being candid and open to different points of view. I assign clear accountability for results and then try to give people all of the support they need to be successful."



● Continuous Improvement - not just on the factory floor but in everything we do - drives our efforts to provide total customer satisfaction.
● The management process involves planning,organising,leading and controlling the use of organisational resources to achiveve high-performance results.
● Every business has varying requirements for support and execution in the product develop process. DSW understands than one approach does not work for everyone
● As customer needs continue to grow and evolve, DSW believe focus on technology, stability and customer support will strengthen its position as a leader in the design of mold tooling systems.
● This commitment to continuous improvement enables DSW to provide the capabilities our customers require and allows us to deliver the best possible product-value to help you meet your business objectives.

Mold Injection Machine Injection Machine
CNC Machine EDM Mold Workshop
Bending Machine CNC Turret Punch Press Laser Machine
Painting Workshop Painting Workshop Painting Workshop
Production line Production line Laser Printing Machine

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